10 Food Items You Must Have in Traditional Thali

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From the spicy food of Punjab, which is meant for the strong-hearted, to Rajasthani dishes which make the best use of gram flour and milk, every state in India has its own generation-old cuisine. Today, we bring you one of the most ‘strict vegetarian cuisine’ which has an unusual blend of sweet and savoury – the Gujarati cuisine. Even though Gujarat has absorbed many outside influences down the ages, the cuisine has remained quite the same. The grand spread of Gujarati flavours can be savoured in the very popular ‘Gujarati Thali.’

Apart from the savoury dishes and sweetmeats, the state has an amazing range of chutneys and pickles. A Gujarati meal is a delicate balance of flavours – salty and spicy, sweet and sour, and crisp and soft. Ahead of the Gujarati New Year on November 5, we bring you some lip-smacking dishes to add to your spread.

  1. Khandvi 

Khandvi, made with gram flour, is one of the most-loved Gujarati snacks. It is also known as Patuli or Dahivadi. Khandvi is popular snack in Maharashtrian cuisine too. You can temper the snack with mustard seeds, coconut, and curry leaves. Serve it with hot tea.

  1. Dhokla 

It would be a shame to prepare Gujarati food and not include Dhokla. The soft and spongy dhoklas cannot be missed on any ground. This Gujarati snack is loved across the country and is cooked in many ways. Dhoklas are not only delicious but also healthy. Usually, it is made with gram flour, but you can also cook it with oats and ragi. Pick a colorful, chili tempering to enhance the flavour.

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 3. Thepla 

This thin and flavorful Indian bread is made with whole wheat flour, which is kneaded with methi, herbs, chillies, yogurt, and a dash of sugar. They taste the best when served with tea.

  1. Handvo 

This savoury tea-cake is soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. It is healthy as handvo is cooked by mixing bottle gourd (lauki) along with buttermilk, flour, coriander, chillies, lentils and rice. The recipe is made in just around 30 minutes, so you can serve them along with a chutney of your choice.

  1. Aam Shrikhand 

Shrikhand is a simple, soothing, and luscious Gujarati dessert, which is made with hung curd. Mango with Shrikhand is just a mouth-watering combination. You can also make a plain shrikhand, filled with rich, creamy flavour, and top it with elaichi powder.

  1. Samosa 

Samosas are one of the much-loved tea treats. Gujarati samosas are stuffed with a chunky filling of peas, which are sauteed with sugar and lime juice. This spicy, tangy snack is not just popular in Gujarat but also across the country and even beyond borders. You are free to experiment with the filling.

  1. Dal Dhokli

Popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan, Dal Dhokli is comfort food. Spiced whole wheat dumplings, which have been simmered in a lively curry. The ingredients of the curry include tuvar dal, garlic, peanuts, kokum and turmeric.

  1. Doodhpaak

Doodhpaak or you can call it a rice pudding. The desert is nutritious as it is a combination of milk and rice. The cardamom and saffron add taste and aroma to the dish. It is garnished with almonds to make it look appealing.

  1. Sutarfeni 

This traditional sweet dish includes shredded flaky rice flour which is roasted in ghee. Sugar is added to form a sweet cotton candy. Use chopped pistachio and almonds as garnish. To enhance the flavour, you can also add cardamom to the dish.

  1. Shakarpara/Namakpara 

This addictive snack is often made at the time of Diwali and is very easy to prepare. Usually, people make a pile of namakpara and they add sugar coating to half of them. This is an age-old snack that is consumed throughout the year, in some households.

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