5 Interesting Ways To Use Your Air Fryer As Suggested By Reddit

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Festivities in India are all about gifting. From companies to family and friends, a flurry of gifting activity takes place every year during the festive season. The day that this comes to an end, we stock up a pile of gifts to make use of. While some may prove useful, others seem to confuse us as to how we could possibly incorporate them in our daily lives. Air Fryer is also one such appliance which is popularly gifted to people, but not many know how to actually put it to use. This was the subject of discussion of a recent Reddit thread. Take a look:

The post was shared in the sub-Reddit r/Cooking by user u/Cardenjs, where it received over 1.1k upvotes and hundreds of comments. “Despite insisting I didn’t need one, I’ve been gifted an Air Fryer. What all can I do with it,” questioned the user. A flurry of comments poured in the discussion, and we have selected five of the best ones for you.

Here Are 5 Interesting Ways To Use Your Air Fryer Suggested By Reddit:

1. Make Roasted Sides

While the oven is busy being used for baking or grilling, you can bring your Air Fryer into use by making appetisers or sides in it. This saves time, space, and effort as both can be simultaneously cooked. Make sides such as potatoes, fish, or even Brussel sprouts.

2. Make Bread Toasty

We often savour gourmet breads that just don’t fit in the regular toaster. That’s when an air fryer could come in handy. Bread become super crunchy and delicious in a matter of minutes! This suggestion by Reddit is definitely a game-changer.

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3. Revive Leftovers

One of the most popular uses of air fryers as suggested on Reddit is to revive leftovers. Whether it’s leftover pizza or even French fries, the air fryer can make these dishes super crisp and as good as fresh!

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4. Cook Frozen Food

Small batch cooking is where the air fryer proves to be the most useful. There’s no need to heat up the frying pan or skillet to cook frozen food in small quantities. Simply pop it in the air fryer, and enjoy!

5. For Chicken Dishes

Another suggestion by multiple Reddit users was to try and cook chicken recipes in the air fryer. Whether it’s chicken wings or nuggets, the air fryer can lend a uniquely crisp texture to practically any chicken dish.

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After reading these air fryer tips, we bet your perspective on this marvellous gadget will never be the same! What did you think of these brilliant suggestions by Reddit users? Tell us in the comments.

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