5 Versatile Sauce Options To Add To Your Pantry

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There are certain ingredients in the kitchen that make our cooking life much easier. One such instance is ginger-garlic paste. With it, we don’t need to chop ginger or garlic before adding it to our food. Another such versatile ingredient is a bottle of sauce. You want to make pasta, the sauce has got your back; looking to add some flavour to your gravy? We have a bottle of sauce at your rescue. A bottle of sauce can go a long way. That is why we have created a list of sauces that are a lifesaver in the kitchen. Now you don’t have to be confused about choosing what sauce would work well with your food.

Here Are 5 Sauce Options To Add To Your Pantry:

1. AtticoFresh Traditional Green Pesto Pasta Sauce

AtticoFresh’s pesto sauce is made from the best quality basil leaves. This pesto sauce has a sweet fragrant flavour. This pesto sauce is excellent for making pasta, pizzas, sandwiches and lasagnas. It has no added preservatives and it is gluten-free.

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2. Tabasco Red Pepper Sauce

Tabasco’s red pepper sauce is made from the best quality ingredients. This sauce is made of a blend of red pepper, island salt and high grain vinegar. This sauce is hot and spicy, making it the perfect ingredient to add a punch to your meals.

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3. American Garden Worcestershire Sauce

American Garden’s Worcestershire sauce is made with a combination of ingredients like soybean oil, corn syrup, egg, horseradish and more. This sauce is non-vegetarian and can be used as an alternative to soy sauce or fish sauce.

4. Ching’s Dark Soy Sauce

Ching’s soy sauce is made with the best quality soybeans, salt and sugar. It has no added preservatives and is trans-fat free. It will give a strong flavour to your food.

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5. Kissan Tomato Ketchup

Kissan’s tomato ketchup is made of fresh and real tomatoes. The sweet and tangy taste of the sauce makes your snacks taste delicious. It comes in a pouch, making it easy to pour and use. This tomato ketchup is vegetarian.


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