5 Ways You Can Develop, Maintain good Relationship With Boss in Office

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A cordial relationship between an employee and his/her boss in the office is almost half the work done. If you maintain a good working relationship with your boss, it will help you in your career growth.

A warm relationship between the boss and the employee is not just beneficial for the workplace but also for the two individuals involved.

Five ways to build a friendly relationship with your boss.

Take the Initiative

The upper management in the office always looks for a space to reward the employees who are innovative and proactive. Exhibit your enthusiasm and fresh ideas to improve your image because the company will also get the benefits.

Discuss with the Boss

To foster better relationships, communication is the key and you can have a quality conversation with your boss. But sometimes unwanted suggestions can have a negative effect as well. A better option is to have a suitably scheduled meeting with them within the stipulated time frame. This shows that you respect their time.

Personal Contact

Using personal contacts can be a daunting task. It doesn’t mean that you are more familiar but it will make your boss feel uncomfortable. Here you have to take care not to ask about their weekends or their hobbies.

Positive Work Ethics

If you’re not a good communicator, one of the best ways to improve your relationship with your boss is to work hard. Even if your boss does not come to the office regularly, don’t worry. Information about your performance will reach them through someone.

Take Feedback, Set Goals

Asking for feedback from your boss benefits in so many ways. From the boss’ point of view, it shows that you care about the project and your future and hence, you want to know how to improve. It will also show your involvement in the work. Both the boss and the employee have things they want to achieve, personally in relation to their careers, and generally in terms of company goals. Tell your boss what your plans are and how quickly you see these goals being achieved.

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