Artist Merges Food Items With Animals, The Results Will Blow Your Mind

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If there’s one thing you will find in abundance on the internet, it has to be creativity. Bloggers come up with interesting and unique ideas which have a brilliant execution and become instant hit online. Surreal art is one such field that several upcoming creators have tried their hands at. This was exactly the motivation for artist Ronald Ong, who creates whimsical artworks which make you question reality. His latest creations include some interesting images which merge food items with animals. Wondering how it works? Take a look for yourself:

The artist posts his artwork under the username @ronnaldong, where he has amassed 429k followers and counting. These unique images are part of the #HybridSeries that he has been experimenting with. Some of his recent pieces include a gecko morphed into cucumber, an ape inside some grapes, and a Zebra made with Oreo cookies.

Talking about his inspiration for the ‘Zebreo’, Ong wrote on Instagram, “I cannot believe I’m eventually saying this- the inspiration behind this image took place while I was casually having some oreos cookies.” He further revealed that he was hesitant to create these images as they would not fit in with the rest of his creations, thus disturbing his ‘consistency feed’. “You are an artist, and you are here to create instead of pleasing the algorithm,” he concluded.

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This is not the first time a blogger on Instagram has created something with food. In May 2020 during the lockdown period, travel blogger Erin Sullivan (@erinoutdoors) created a series called #OurGreatIndoors. She recreated scenic travel spots with the help of food items and household objects. Click here to read more about her work.

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