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Being fully engaged with your teams is more important than ever

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I’ve seen you quoted about the importance of messaging as a leader. What’s your advice on that?

Dr. Miguel Benet: We have seen our care teams successfully navigate challenges in an ongoing pandemic while managing through an increasing pace of change in healthcare. An important part of our role as leaders is to help teams maintain an optimistic outlook during challenging times. It is more important than ever to be fully engaged with our teams, sharing gratitude for their dedication and optimism for the innovations that are helping to support excellent care.

You recently moved from HCA Healthcare to CHS. How has that transition gone?

Benet: They are both great organizations and I’m grateful for opportunities to have had leadership roles in both companies. They have many similarities, including that they both require the ability to scale clinical initiatives across many markets. At CHS, I’m currently focused on ways to expand service lines and increase clinical capabilities. I really love this work because it helps ensure that more patients can get the care they need at their local hospital. Enhancing services makes our healthcare systems stronger and more valuable to their communities.
What’s your greatest motivator professionally?

Benet: Knowing that the effort we put forth to grow and develop others enhances our ability to provide great care to patients and the communities we serve. The work we do has profound impacts on many lives and I never want to forget the responsibility that comes along with that.
You have experience in trauma as a physician. What’s it been like to see the events of the past year affect patients as they have?

Benet: As a physician, I’m trained to think about how to help people, how to help them heal and live healthier lives. I believe all who work in healthcare realize that we have important roles in helping to improve the quality of life in our communities—beyond providing primary- and acute-care services. Addressing health inequities, being engaged in community and societal issues, and showing leadership in public health emergencies like the pandemic are broader ways to think about our roles as healthcare providers—and leaders.

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