Busting Myths Around the Do’s and Don’ts of Chandra Grahan

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Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse is not only scientifically important but also holds a great significance traditionally. The phenomenon takes place when the Earth comes between the sun and the moon and obstruct the sunlight reflected on the lunar surface. This year, the world will witness the longest partial lunar eclipse of the 21st century on November 18-19. The partial lunar eclipse will take place for about 3 hours and 28 minutes long. According to Indian beliefs and superstitions, there are many myths that are related to the lunar eclipse.

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According to Hindu tradition, the lunar eclipse is believed to impact people’s health and life in an adverse way. However, most of these are just myths and fail to be backed by scientific facts.

Here are some common myths that people believe about the Chandra Grahan:

Watching Chandra Grahan with naked eyes can harm your eyesight

It is said that witnessing the lunar eclipse with naked eyes can impact eye health and eyesight. While watching a solar eclipse with naked eyes can affect your eyes as the rays might be strong during this time, nothing of that sort happens during lunar eclipse. However, it is advisable to see the lunar eclipse through glasses, lenses and telescopes.

Pregnant Women must not come out during the Chandra Grahan

Pregnant women are often advised to stay at home and not to come out as lunar eclipses are believed to affect the health of the unborn child and can result in deformity. However, it’s all just a myth and does not have any scientific backup.

One should not eat during the eclipses

We have often heard our parents and grandparents prohibiting us from consuming any food items during the eclipses. Myths say that eating and drinking during that time can lead to indigestion.

One must take bath right after the Chandra Grahan

Another popular myth says that bathing and washing hair right after the eclipse wash off the impact of the negative impact of lunar eclipses.

Wound takes longer time to heal during lunar eclipse 

If one gets hurt or cause any wound during the eclipse, it is believed to last for a lifetime or take longer than usual. However, recovery of any would depends on the body cells, and not on eclipses.

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