Drink or Not? Moderate Consumption of Alcohol May Offer Several Benefits

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No doubt drinking alcohol in excess can have fatal consequences in the long run. However, one can also extract several benefits if one watches their consumption, according to a report in The Times of India. While alcohol is not recommended for a healthy lifestyle, occasional drinking can prove to be effective for your health. People who have pre-existing conditions should consult with their doctors if they are fit to drink or not. But those with no illnesses can go for moderate consumption, which some say may have benefits too.

Moderate alcohol is good for the heart:

Drinking alcohol in small and limited amounts can prove to be good for the heart, the TOI report said. If you are drinking well within your limits, alcohol can reduce the risk of severe cardiovascular disease and heart ailments. The possible reason for this is that moderate drinking can increase good cholesterol in the body. But it should be noted that excessive drinking can have the opposite effect.

Can help in balancing blood sugar:

A glass of wine or whiskey can help manage your blood sugar levels. Several studies have shown that one can avoid type 2 diabetes with moderate drinking, as per the TOI report. While limited drinking can help you manage blood sugar levels, not drinking at all can make you protected from all severe illnesses.

Good for boosting sex drive:

If your sex drive is affected due to stress, then moderate drinking can help in boosting your libido since alcohol manages your stress levels efficiently. Moreover, alcohol can also raise testosterone levels in a man.

Magic pill for antisocial people:

People who are introverts and feel uncomfortable in social situations can take the help of alcohol to open up during such times. However, you should know your limits otherwise you can end up embarrassing yourself. Importantly, alcohol should always be consumed in moderate amounts.

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