Easy lifestyle Changes And Kitchen Ingredients That Can Help You Get Rid of Panda Eyes or Dark Circles

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During the pandemic, increased screen time, working from home, being in front of the laptop 24*7, a peculiar sleeping schedule, and stress have compounded into various skin troubles. The most common of such skin issues is dark circles. Dark circles make people look tired, and dulls their confidence levels. It can occur for various reasons and can be caused due to excessive screen time, pigmentation, allergies, and sometimes even genetic factors.

While in some cases it is not entirely curable, there are several lifestyle factors as well as kitchen masks that help you manage dark circles better, and make them lighter. Here are some of the most useful ways of managing dark circles naturally.

Take frequent breaks away from digital gadgets: The best way to deal with this is to switch to night mode in the phone or the yellow light. It ebbs the ramifications instantly.

Late night sleeping habit: This too, drastically takes a toll on your health, causing panda eyes or dark circles to appear. Once this becomes regular, there is a change in blood circulation pattern that’s considered to be the primary cause behind the visibility of dark circles.

Consuming Alcohol: Don’t consume alcohol or foods that have excess salt and are oily, especially later in the day. Such foods cause puffiness due to water retention. Ensure you stay well-hydrated.

Use Teabags: Cold teabags shrink blood vessels and reduce fluid retention due to antioxidants and caffeine, further reducing puffiness. The tannins in the tea reduce discoloration as well. Place one chilled tea bag on each eye for 10-15 mins. Rinse eyes afterward and follow this religiously for few weeks.

Milk: Milk can help reinvigorate the natural sheen of your skin, almonds have anti-inflammatory benefits. Make a paste of almonds and milk, apply the mixture for 10 mins, and voila!

Cucumber slices: Cucumber slices are the most refreshing way to treat your undereye. It cools the undereye and makes it refreshed and less pigmented. For better results, use cucumber that has been in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Tomato juice: Tomatoes contain lycopene, a wonderful solution for your skin, that helps to minimize the darkness of under-eye circles. 

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