Experts Explain Why Healthy Gut Crucial for Immunity

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Ever since the novel coronavirus pandemic started, everyone has been talking about boosting immunity. And for that, not only are people taking vitamin C but also using various kinds of home remedies. Several herbal medicines are being used to treat diseases. However, people usually forget about the importance of their stomach’s health. If the stomach or gut are not healthy, your immunity will never hit the pinnacle, says a report in Hindustan Times. Health experts say that the gut or stomach is the second brain of our body.

From hormone levels to reproductive health, everything is related to what we eat. Nutritionist Manisha Chopra says that gut health is very important for our body because there are various kinds of immunity cells in the gut. Besides, there are countless good bacteria in the gut destroying any kind of infectious virus, bacteria and fungus. A healthy gut is also connected to the brain through hormones and nerves. Hence the importance of your gut health can’t be downplayed.

Dietitian Ruchi Parmar says that the bacteria found in the gut release chemicals, and these chemicals instruct the immune cells to kill the harmful virus present in the brain and the nervous system. There are billions of small bacteria in our gut, and they are called the human microbiome. They activate the immune system so that the attacking virus can be killed. That is why the number of good bacteria in our gut must remain constant. If this doesn’t happen, then no matter what you do to boost your immunity, it won’t happen.

The first and foremost is to increase the intake of water in good amounts. Then one should consume green vegetables full of fibres. Use coconut oil or virgin olive oil instead of saturated oil. There is a lot of omega-6 fatty acid in mustard or refined oil. They are good for the body in less amounts but excess can be harmful.

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