Geeta Basras Is Giving Us Some Much-Needed Dessert Inspiration, Read What She Had

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Actress Geeta Basra had a day out at a dessert joint, and her platter is making us envious. On Instagram Stories, Geeta shared a snippet of a waffle, and the picture is making her followers want to head out for a bite of the same. Along with the waffle, the actress treated herself to some ice cream as well. Of course, the combination was “yummy in the tummy,” and that’s exactly what she captioned the post. In the image shared by Geeta, we can see 2 dishes of waffles and 2 cups of what looks like vanilla ice cream.


Geeta enjoyed two delicious warm and crispy waffles

A few months ago, Geeta, then pregnant, indulged herself into husband Harbhajan Singh’s favorite delicacy. You’d be surprised but it’s a plate full of delicious mangoes. Geeta curbed her pregnancy cravings with the summer fruit and also shared a snapshot for her fans. Read more about it here.

In June, Geeta had a cheat day and it was all Italian. She shared a picture of a pizza loaded with cheese and toppings and wrote, “Truffle pizza? Yes please.” The picture made her Instafam drool and how. Click here to find out more about it.

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Coming back to Geeta’s waffle and ice cream post, she has got us craving. So, we went back and found a few waffle recipes for you to make at home. Here is a list of our favorite waffle recipes. Take a look:

1) Classic Waffle

The quintessential waffle is meant to be served smoking hot with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. For this recipe, all you need are eggs, flour, milk, vegetable oil, sugar, baking powder, salt and vanilla.


Waffles are a classic dessert option 

2) Chicken ‘n Waffles

Imagine a Belgian waffle topped with chicken breast, bacon, walnuts and served with maple syrup that sinfully cascades down! It takes around 40 minutes to make this waffle dish. You can thank us later.

3) Oats And Chocolate Chip Waffle

This recipe is a crowd-pleaser. The general notion of waffles is that it contains too much sugar, but what if we tell you that this recipe is sugar-free? This recipe is the solution to the age-old dilemma of choosing between health and taste.

4) Coffee Waffle

This one’s for those mornings when just a cup of coffee is not enough. Add some coffee powder to the general ingredients of making a waffle, and charge up your day. You can have it as breakfast or as a dessert.


Coffee waffles have a distinct and delicious flavour

5) Whole Grain Waffles With Strawberry Rhubarb Topping

This dish tastes amazing and is ideal for a quick and easy breakfast. Serve it with strawberry rhubarb topping and maple syrup. It’s sinfully tasty!

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With these varieties of waffles, you can be sure to start your mornings a lot brighter.

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