Giant Hogwarts Castle Cake Marks 20-Year Celebration Of First Harry Potter Movie

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The 20th anniversary celebration of the first Harry Potter film included a scale model cake of Hogwarts castle, a large, seven-storey building built in a valley area that featured in the fantasy movie franchise. The model cake, which was 6-foot wide, 5-foot tall, and weighed 100 kgs, was unveiled at Warner Bros Studio Tour in Leavesden, Watford, where much of the franchise was filmed. Artists and sculptors took 320 hours to make the cake with vegan-friendly ingredients. Warner Bros has donated the cake to One Vision, a local charity working to address the challenges of food poverty.

One Vision shared an image of the cake and the celebrations, saying they will ensure that the cake is distributed to their service users.

“Delighted to share the great news of our partnership with Warner Bros. We have been chosen as the charity to be a part of their 20th anniversary of the making of the film Harry Potter. We will ensure the cake will be distributed to our service users,” it tweeted.

Artist and cake sculptor Michelle Wibowo created the cake.

One of the images showed One Vision Founder and Chief Executive Enoch Kanagaraj standing next to the cake. In the other images, we could see people during the 20th anniversary celebration of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

If these images are making you crave, here are a few cake recipes that you can try at home:

1) Nutritious Apple Cake For Vegan Diet

Eggless and dairy-free, this cake has the benefits of apple juice as well, making it a very healthy option. This easy-to-make, super soft, and spongy cake is a melange of flavours. Ingredients such as cinnamon powder, nutmeg, and vanilla extract that go into the making of this cake give it an irresistible taste.

2) Moist Eggless Chocolate Cake

This moist, soft and squidgy chocolate cake is a treat for all age groups, be it children or adults. One bite of this decadent, moist chocolate cake and you’d be transported to food heaven. It’s perfect for a celebration or an evening tea.

3) Eggless Vanilla Cake

This is another ideal cake for any occasion, be it festivals, birthdays or just a house-warming party. After tasting this simple sponge, fluffy and moist cake, you will never take vanilla for granted as an ingredient, but begin to celebrate its gentle and heady flavour.

Cakes as a choice of dessert won’t ever go out of fashion. For some inspiration, refer to these recipes.

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