Give Yourself A Coconutty Treat with these 5 Recipes

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Coconuts are the best – we mean it. They add flavour, a different texture and that tang to your food. Coconut is one of those ingredients, that when included in the recipe, gives the food a whole new different taste to it. Coconut also comes with a traditional value and a lot of health benefits. It helps to cool the body and can be used in multiple food recipes. On World Coconut Day 2021, we have handpicked a few of the food recipes, which coconut makes better with every bite. Check out:

 Chicken Chettinad

This is a traditional Tamil Nadu dish, which comes with rich cultural value. The chicken is cooked in lots of spices and the gravy is mixed with coconut milk. The dish is usually very spicy considering the amount of red chilli is used, but the coconut adds a sweet flavour. It is one of most loved dishes of South India.

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Coconut pana cotta

Indians took their favourite Italian dessert and gave it a coconutty twist. The coconut is mixed with gelato and milk – it blends and creates a different flavour.

Coconut fish curry

Be it north or south, Indians love the flavour of coconut in their fish curry. One of the most famous dishes of Bengal is prawn malaikari, which is made with the help of coconut milk. In Kerala, the natives put coconut milk in their fish curry to get the flavour that blends perfectly with their spices and curry leaves.

Coconut peda

This sweet dish is prepared by mixing milk, milk powder and desiccated coconut. The mixture is then boiled in a pan and then the batter is combined together to form little desserts.

Coconut sheera mithai

The dish is prepared by cooking all the ingredients – semolina, coconut, almonds, raisins, mava and cardamom – in medium flame. Sweetened by sugar, this is a perfect coconut dish for any occasion.

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