Had an Argument? Here are Tips on Calming Down and Making Up

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When things don’t go as planned, or when we are met with unlikable behaviours, we tend to get worked up. Our relationships, be it with family, friends or others, experience moments of anger, rage, and regret. And the closer we are to the person, the more emotional we get. No matter how much you try to prevent friction in your relationship, sometimes things go out of hand. Since miscommunication causes most of the conflicts to grow, it’s critical to take the appropriate steps when you are angry.

You should pause, reflect, re-evaluate, and calm yourself down before saying or doing something you’ll come to regret later. Many individuals find it difficult to walk away from an argument and go on with their routine. After a heated exchange, you can assist your loved ones and yourself to return to calm by doing the following:

Either apologise or reconcile: Chances are, the person with whom you disagreed feels just as horrible about the quarrel as you do. Makeup with them as quickly as possible to put an end to your quarrel and allow yourself to go on with your life.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes: After a disagreement, take deep breaths for a few minutes to bring your pulse rate to normal and reduce your blood pressure. Close your eyes to bring a sense of calm within yourself. This helps in thinking straight during tough times.

Constructively express your dissatisfaction: Exercise is a fantastic technique to spend energy in a positive way. Take a quick walk, run, or go for a refreshing swim. Meditate or practice yoga. Moving furniture, buying groceries, or gardening can also help reduce stress and anxiety.

Speak with someone: Tell someone about the conflict you had in a calm manner. Discuss your emotions with your spouse, significant other, friend, or neighbour. They may have comments or insights from a different perspective than you have previously explored.

What not to do after an argument?

  • To keep the connection intact, you must ensure that you are not making things worse by doing the following things.
  • Don’t act as if the conflict never happened and avoid discussion. It’s not like you wake up the next day and forget all you’ve learned.
  • Don’t seek to hurt or punish the other person by using silent treatment or throwing passive-aggressive actions on them.
  • Don’t keep uneasiness and tension in between fights or after a disagreement since it can hurt you in the long term.

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