Here’s How Managing Your Senses Can Help Calm Your Mind

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Our monotonous lives have made our minds dull. The routine run from home to office and vice-versa has forced us to work non-stop like machines. Everything — from your house, city, state, to social climate and even work environment — affects your mental health to a great extent.

According to a report published in the Hindustan Times, Ho’oponopono, an ancient philosophy based on forgiveness, can bring change to your life by balancing your senses. Here’s how the dullness can be eliminated by cultivating these five senses:

Sight: Whatever you see around affects your mental health. Visuals are considered to be very therapeutic. While walking, make sure you observe your surroundings and not focus on your phones. This will leave you with a feeling of peace and clarity.

Sound: The vibrational energy from sound stimulates emotional, physical, and spiritual responses. Choose a quiet place, pay attention to the sound in your surroundings, try to listen to your thoughts and feelings. If you still feel distracted, take deep breaths and get back to the practice.

Smell: The sense of smell connects us with feelings and instincts. Ayurvedic aromatherapy is a powerful method of balancing and healing emotions. The fragrance helps in improving your mood and calms your mind too. Scented candles and aroma oil are great to relieve stress. Take a few minutes every day to enjoy it.

Taste: While eating, make sure you focus all your attention on the sense of taste and do not let the mind get distracted. While chewing the food, pay attention to the different tastes. It will calm your mind and your body will be able to reap all the nutrients from the food.

Touch: It helps to feel connected to our body, people and surroundings. Use the power of touch to calm your mind and refresh your body. Activities like touching a soft fabric, a hot or cold-water shower and massage helps in relieving stress.

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