Here’s How you can Soothe the Stressed Mind

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Exam pressure in India is no joke. Everyone, from parents to kids, is stressed out, and the cause is competitiveness, expectations and comparison. Aside from that, peer pressure and school pressure exacerbate the problem. Exam anxiety is something that may be seen in almost any student who is about to take an exam. Though this is not uncommon, it might have a detrimental impact on any student’s performance.

With an estimated 20-50% rise in students seeking treatment for study-related mental health difficulties each year, it’s evident that we’re under greater pressure than ever before. The majority of such situations can be seen in students who would be taking board exams. Their performance gets hindered because of this fear of exams. To overcome this issue, we’ve listed some ways which will calm your mind and help you focus better in your exams.

Talk to someone if you are having difficulties

It is never embarrassing to seek assistance. It can help save a life in even the most extreme instances. When you are suffering, express your feelings to friends, family, or your personal instructor. Alternatively, don’t be scared to seek expert advice and assistance.

Eat, sleep, and exercise regularly

Trying to pull all-nighters, surviving on a bad diet, and getting little activity into your day may all exacerbate anxiety levels. Make sure you receive 8/9 hours of sleep every night, adequate slow-release carbohydrates, less coffee and more water, and at least half an hour of exercise per day for your body to work optimally.

Remember to take deep breaths

Set aside a few minutes each day to practice mindfulness methods, such as breathing exercises or UCL’s 10 Minute Mind. It helps to quiet your body’s stress reaction and restore your focus to the present situation. As a result, you will have more time to objectively work through your fears and will be able to deal with a significant number of tests and start more productive revision.

Play with puppies and pop bubble wraps

Where do puppies come into play when it comes to exam stress? Playing with pets has long been an excellent method to relieve stress. Pets have also been shown to help you focus when studying, however, we wouldn’t advocate bringing your pet hamster into the library! One more stress buster you may keep for home study is popping bubble wrap.

Allow your mind some time and space

Meditation is among the most effective strategies to unwind and perceive your stress in a new light. Meditation is another method for maintaining attention while enhancing both mental and physical health and reducing pre-exam stress.

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