Here’s Why Lord Ganesha Loves Modak; 5 Healthy Modak Recipes You Can Try at Home

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We all know that Lord Ganesha loves modak. As the entire nation enthusiastically welcomes Ganpati Bappa today, let’s also heighten the joy of preparation by discussing one of the key elements of Ganesh puja- the ‘modak’. Lord Ganesha has been known to be extremely fond of ‘modak’ which is why no Ganpati celebration can be complete without modak. He is also lovingly addressed as ‘Modakpriya’.

Let’s find out why modak is the most favorite dessert of this much-revered god of wisdom.

Once when Shiva visited Atri Rishi’s ashram with Bal Ganesh, he had requested sage’s wife, Anasuya for food. The latter started by serving the little Ganesh first with myriad foods; and decided to treat Shiva post Ganesh’s meal. But, seeing that nothing was able to fulfil Ganesh’s insatiable hunger, Anasuya gave him a modak; and surprisingly Ganesh’s stomach was full after eating it. He burped once while Shiva burped 21 times after eating it.

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Likewise, the story in Puranas also states that Menavati, Parvati’s mother used to feed her grandson Ganesh, modaks. Parvati too in order to cater to Ganesh’s appetite resorted to preparing modak as that had the ability to instantly satiate Ganesh’s hunger.

Thus, the tradition of preparing modak continues to be followed as Ganesh’s prasad. A bhog of 21 modaks is offered to Bappa during puja.

Check out 5 Modak recipes for this Ganesh Chaturthi 2021 to try at home:

Ukadiche Modak

Prepared in the traditional manner by steaming the modaks which is made of rice flour (smooth, lump free dough consistency), cardamom, poppy seeds, frozen coconut, raisin, cashews, grated jaggery that melts in the mouth, this lip smacking dessert is too good to be true.

Gulkand Modak

Usher in a delectable flavour to your usual modaks by adding a few drops of rose essence, green colour, rose petal jam in the filling besides the almond and desiccated coconut. Serve it chilled with rose or saffron syrup.

Cream cheese rose modak

Make a filling with ricotta cheese, sweetened condensed milk, semi-sweet chocolate chips, unsweetened cocoa powder, peppermint essence, and stuff the modak moulds to get a scrumptious modak. Add this delicious twist to your modak recipe and enjoy.

Bajra Mawa Modak

Made with roasted bajra atta and stuffed with mawa, ghee, chopped pistachios, almond, nutmeg, sugar, these modaks are irresistible.

Rajgira Gud Modak

Another popular variation of modak would be the ones made with rajgira flour for better texture with grated jaggery, dry powder of nuts and coconut.

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