Here’s Why Lord Hanuman Birth Anniversary is Celebrated Twice Every Year

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The auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to pay tribute to Lord Hanuman on his birth anniversary. The day is observed twice a year. It is celebrated on Chaitra Poornima in southern India while the day is observed on Narak Chaturdashi or Krishna Paksh in the northern region.

One Jayanti marks the birth of Lord Hanuman, while the other marks Hanuman Vijayam (Victory of Hanuman). As per Hindu scriptures, Hanuman Jayanti observed on Tuesday during the month of Chaitra as per Hindu calendar marks the day of Hanuman’s victory. As per Ramayana, when Lord Hanuman went in search of Goddess Sita after she was abducted by the demon Ravana, he reached Ashoka Vatika, a garden in Lanka.

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When Lord Hanuman was spotted by Ravana’s men, they tried to capture him. But Lord Hanuman emerged victorious as he not only destroyed the Ashoka Vatika and killed many soldiers including his son, he even set Lanka on fire with his tail. Some also believe that when Goddess Sita was returning with Lord Rama and Hanuman after defeating Ravana, she blessed Hanuman with immortality after seeing his dedication to Lord Rama. To hail the victory of Lord Hanuman, and his boon of immortality, this day is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti.

It is believed that Lord Hanuman was born on Saturday, Krishna paksh Chaturdashi during the month of Kartik. The legend has it that Lord Hanuman was born on this day to Anjana and Kesari, when the mother was meditating for a child on Anjanadri hill.

The devotees celebrate the auspicious occasion by performing many rituals and observing a day-long fast too. They chant the Akhand Path of Ramcharitra Manas and Sundarkand to seek blessings from the God. Many people offer sindoor or vermillion to lord and perform the ritual of bathing the idol of Lord Hanuman with holy Ganga water.

Lord Hanuman is known by various names such as Bajrangbali, Kesarinandan, Anjaniputra, and Pawanputra across the nation. Known as a passionate devotee of Lord Rama, Hanuman is a deity who symbolizes courage, loyalty and compassion.

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