Here’s Why Vitamins And Minerals Are Essential for Your Body

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Vitamins and minerals are considered essential nutrients for individuals of all ages. They perform hundreds of roles in our bodies. They help support bones, heal wounds, and strengthen your immune system. They help convert food into energy and also repair damaged tissues. When the intake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals is not enough as per the requirement of the body, it leads to diseases and can even result in death. Vitamins are classified as per their solubility which is either water-soluble or fat-soluble. Essential minerals, on the other hand, are classified as trace minerals.

Here’s a laydown of the benefits of various vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin D: It helps in managing the amount of phosphate and calcium in your body. These nutrients are required to keep the bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to bone deformities such as rickets in children. The deficiency can also cause bone pain in adults, a condition called osteomalacia.

Vitamin A: It performs several important functions and is also known as retinol. It helps your body’s natural defence against any infection and illness work properly. It also helps vision in dim light. Furthermore, it keeps your skin and the lining of some parts of the body healthy.

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, helps protect cells of the body and keeps them healthy. Vitamin C has a huge role in maintaining healthy skin, blood vessels, bones, and cartilage. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to scurvy.

Vitamin K belongs to a group of fat-soluble vitamins that the body needs for bone metabolism, blood clotting, and regulating blood calcium levels.

Zinc helps regulate your immune system and manages metabolism. It is also required for the healing of wounds and for a sense of taste and smell.

Iodine helps generate thyroid hormones that support cells and keep the metabolic rate healthy.

Iron is the most important for making new red blood cells that help carry oxygen around the body. The deficiency of iron can lead to anaemia.

The health tips shared in this article are based on common practices and general knowledge. Readers are advised to consult a doctor before following them at home.

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