How Embracing Your Loved Ones Help Your Body

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Hugs are the perfect gesture to show affection towards your loved ones. The warmth of a hug acts as a carrier of emotions when words aren’t compatible enough to hold them. But a hug is so much more than that. Actually, the act of hugging induces the brain to release hormones that benefit our body in multiple ways.

Science backs this theory and has provided evidence that hugging can improve the overall mental health of a person. The homely feeling that one feels while hugging is the result of the brain calming itself by releasing Oxytocin, among other hormones.

The benefits of hugging are elaborately explained by Tim Gray, a biohacker and psychology specialist. On Instagram, Tim frequently shares various hacks, tips, and tricks, for leading a healthier life. Tim, in one of his posts, shares how hugging is not only an action but a tool to fine-tune your mental health.

According to Tim, a hug lasting 10-second or more can greatly influence your mind and relieve it from the factors affecting it negatively. Hugs become more special if they involve someone you are affectionate about. It deepens the relationship to the point where the presence of your loved ones is enough to put your mind at ease.

“Hugging can reduce stress rapidly. It improves the overall mental and physical health, relieves depression, reduces blood pressure, and boosts the immune system,” Tim wrote. He further goes on to explain the science behind the benefits associated with hugging. A hug can infuse the ‘cuddle hormone’ or Oxytocin that transmits feelings of trust, bonding, and devotion. Tim added, “Hugs bring us out of the ‘fight or flight’ mode and calm the nervous system, helping us heal.”

Here’s the post:

At times when you find yourself drowning in a pool of stress or anxiety, make sure you hug your loved ones because you deserve it.

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