Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Rasgullas

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There are so many kinds of Indian sweets that it becomes hard to choose one. From Kaju katli and Gulab jamun to rasgulla- options are plenty for sweet lovers. However, if there’s one sweet to point out that is loved by all Indians, it is Rasgulla.

Soft, spongy and scrumptious rasgulla is undoubtedly a perfect tiny treat to have any time after the meal. However, there is a documented history of rasgulla which goes beyond 700 years. There are many unknown interesting facts about rasgulla that would surprise anybody.

Let’s get to the facts.

  1. Who could have thought that a syrupy, creamy, soft, and tiny round rasgulla can ever stir up a controversy between two states? On November 14, 2017, the geographical indication  (GI) tag was granted to West Bengal for its version of rasgulla, ‘Banglar Rasogolla.’ Then in less than two years, Odisha was granted GI tag for the ‘Odisha rasagola’.
  1. Some Odia historians claimed that rasgulla was originated in Puri as ‘Khir Mohan’, which gradually evolved into rasgulla.
  2. It was claimed by the Food historian K T Achaya that in the 17th century, the Portuguese taught Indians how to make cheese. However, some historians also claim chhena recipe was taught by Odia cooks to the Bengalis. So, this withstands Odisha’s claim of making the sweet in the 12th century.
  3. Nobin Chandra’s son Krishna Chandra Das introduced the vacuum packaging of canned rasgullas in 1930.
  4. There is a theory that Nobin Chandra Das invented the spongy white Bengali rasgulla in West Bengal in 1868. However, it is also said that the sweet existed in the state way before and Nobin only popularised it.
  5. Pahala rasgulla, another polar variety, is being made by the confectioners of Pahala in Odisha. It is slightly brown, creamy and soft.
  6. You may be surprised to know that in English, rasgulla is called ‘Syrup Filled Roll.’

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