International Men’s Day 2021: Theme, History, and Significance

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International Men’s Day 2021: November 19 is International Men’s Day (IMD). Many individuals will be perplexed as to why men require a special day when they can be considered on any given day. These official days typically recognise and rejoice the ‘underdog,’ so while this November event may raise an eyebrow, men, on the other hand, still require almost as much celebration and support as the other communities.

The day honours the positive contributions that men make to the world, their households, and their societies. The day also promotes positive role models and spreads awareness about men’s wellness.


There are six pillars of International Men’s Day, and one of them focuses on improving gender relations and promoting gender equality for men and women alike. “Better relations between men and women” is the theme for IMD 2021.


Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh established IMD in 1999. He taught history at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago. In honor of his father’s birthday, Teelucksingh chose November 19. He encouraged people to use this day to convey issues that affect boys and men.

IMD did receive massive support in the Caribbean in its early years, and thanks to persistent connectivity and invitations sent to people in other countries, International Men’s Day has gained a foothold in the international arena.


Suicide is the leading cause of death among men under the age of 45, according to WHO data. This is accurate in many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Russia. Obviously, there are explanations for this that are unique to men.

Sexual identity, societal and cultural conditioning, and role models all play a role. This says a lot about the psychology, behaviour, and mental health of men in our communities.

Men are gendered in a specific way from an early age – ‘men will be men’ and ‘boys don’t cry’ are a few examples. It is a conscience found in many cultures all over the world, with variations. Men are expected to present a strong, unaffected impression as they reach adulthood, which often masks an intense need to communicate what is happening to them emotionally.

This isn’t to say that women have it smoother than men. This day is not intended to compete with International Women’s Day, but rather to allow boys to live a life of values, principles character, and encourage men to start opening up and to communicate.

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