Keep in Mind These Signs that Indicate Your Child’s Chest Pain is Dangerous

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It is not important that all chest pains are related to the heart. Chest pain is a sudden, throbbing pain that makes them cry. However, Managing Director & Vice Chairman of Mumbai-based Asian Heart Institute, Dr Ramakanta Panda opined that most of the time, the chest pain is benign. While speaking to ETimes, he stated that at times issues relating to the skin, bones, food pipe, muscle strain, a compressed nerve or even lungs can cause pain in the chest. As far as children are concerned, the thoracic surgeon assured that the chest pain is not related to the heart even if kids experience chest pain for hours.

However, he mentioned that if children experience pain only during their physical exercise and it goes away after some rest, one might suspect a serious heart-related situation.

Heart-related chest pain is not very common amongst children, but if not diagnosed at the early stage, it can be dangerous. Parents should understand when the chest pain is related to the heart and when it is not. It is advised that you take guidance from a doctor.

Panda further said that post the diagnosis, depending on the magnitude of the heart abnormality/defect, it can either be cured by “medicines and lifestyle modifications or with a surgical intervention.” He pointed out two situations when the problem could be serious- both cases are usually by birth.

Higher origin artery- Instead of staying in its normal position, the artery originates at a higher angle and dilates due to strenuous exercise or exertion.

Artery takes the wrong course: The artery is wrongly placed in between the aorta and pulmonary artery. Therefore, whenever the child exercises/ or even when an infant cries very loudly, the heart pumps more blood and it compresses the coronary artery and causes chest pain.

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