Keep these Things in Mind for Best Solo Travel Experience

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Winter holidays are around the corner and travelling is already on the minds of many. Besides group and family bookings, there is also a rise in the number of solo travellers who are set to explore different destinations and locations by oneself, at their own pace and within a given budget. While travelling solo can be exciting, Fareportal India, shared a few tips to keep in mind to make your trip safe, fun, and affordable.

Book flights in advance

A good way to save some money is with advance planning. So, book your air-tickets in advance to make the most of attractive airfares, deals, and you may be able to grab a cheap ticket as well. By reserving your airline tickets and hotel accommodations well in advance, you’ll have more left over to spend on actual experiences.

Plan extensively

A meticulous travel itinerary is the sign of an experienced solo traveller. But if you are having the first go, here’s a quick tip – plan well and plan ahead. Have your route mapped out, the numbers of every hotel and airline available to you, and always share your itinerary with a loved one so they have an idea where you are in case of an emergency.

Pack light yet smart

If you’ve booked cheap international travel options or are boarding an especially affordable domestic flight, you might not have all the in-flight entertainment you’re accustomed to. Be sure to bring along a book, a magazine, your music player, your laptop, and other means to fight off boredom. You should also bring along some noise-cancelling headphones, an eye mask, and a travel pillow to ensure your comfort and reduce anxiety on long flights. Make sure you carry all your essentials in a backpack or a tote bag as taking public transportation and navigating crowds becomes much easier.

Even while packing your bags, carry only those things you find absolutely necessary. If your hotel provides toiletries and bath towels, eliminate those items from your list. When it comes to clothes, you could wear layers or convertible clothes; that allow you to mix and match your clothes. And ensure you don’t carry more than two pairs of shoes unless its unavoidable.

Be at a place with free Wi-Fi and share your location

Other important safety measures to take into consideration is to share your phone’s location with a loved one and making sure there is Wi-Fi and cell phone service at various checkpoints during your travels.

Meet other travellers

Meeting other travellers is another way to break up the monotony of solo travel. Your discussion doesn’t have to end when you land and de-board the plane. Ask a traveller about the best thing they’ve done so far, or with a local about the best hidden gem restaurant in the region. The individuals you meet and the advice they provide you will considerably enhance your journey.

Blend in

In general, avoid dressing like a tourist. Refrain from wearing flashy clothing, jewelry, or anything that makes you look like a stranger. Walk with purpose and confidence, but don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

Eat like a local

There’s nothing like digging into the local food. It provides you with a fresh perspective on your destination’s culture, history, and landscape. There is always a purpose behind a certain food, which may be investigated with your taste senses and your thoughts.

Take day tours and classes

Your independent trip can be enriched by adding social activities such as city tours, cooking classes, so that you can experience your destination better.

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