Malaika Aroras Monday Was Marked By A Hearty Feast. Take A Look.

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If you are hungry, we would advise you to say away from Malaika Arora’s Instagram Stories. The diva has never shied away from talking about her love for food. And, like a true foodie, she has started her week with a happy tummy. On Monday, the actress indulged in some yummy lunch, thanks to celebrity makeup artist Mallika Bhat. Malaika got us drooling the minute she posted a photo of the scrumptious meal. Here’s what we see in her photo: rice, spicy chicken legs, dal, curries and lots of crispy crackers. Who would have imagined that Mondays could get so delectable? Malaika wrote, “Mallika Bhat, you have outdone yourself.”


Malaika Arora enjoys a feast

Malaika often enjoys eating out and trying new dishes with her friends. On her sister Amrita Arora’s birthday, Malaika got together with Kareena Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor and others, for a delicious meal. What did they munch on? Well, chutneys and snacks and pastries are scattered on the table before them. And going by Malaika’s caption, we can say they had a lot of “chai” and “chaat”. That’s a fun birthday treat to relish.

During Kareena Kapoor’s second pregnancy, the friends gathered over for appetising desserts. Malaika and her friends looked happy, sitting in front of a delicious cake and an appetising caramel-glazed pudding. Have a look at the delicious dishes.

The actress also often steps into the kitchen and cooks for herself. She once posted a photo of herself cooking at home. The candid appearance and her excitement won our hearts. She captioned the post, “Something exciting is cooking and I cannot wait to share it with you all. Any guesses though?” Here’s a look:

Malaika has her cheat days too. She is also mindful to keep them at bay most of the time. But for a rich feast like the one she received from her friend, she did let go of all rules, and rightfully so. We hope she enjoyed her Monday feast.

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