McDonald India to Add Turmeric Latte, Masala Kadak Tea To Its Menu

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In the last year and a half, people across the globe have understood the importance of building one’s immunity. Indian spices, especially turmeric not just adds color and flavour to the food, but also acts as an immunity booster. Now inspired by this, fast-food chain McDonald’s India (West and South) have introduced two new “immunity” building beverages named – turmeric latte and masala kadak chai. The drinks have been included in the McCafé menu. In a statement on Thursday, that is, September 9 the Westlife Development Limited said that the two drinks will be rolled out in McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India. Westlife Development Limited operates the chain in both these regions.

The beverages, which are commonly consumed in Indian households, are the latest attempt by the fast-food chain to pick up sales in the west and south regions of the country. The thought behind introducing turmeric latte and masala kadak chai is customers’ increasing preference for healthy, immunity-boosting food and beverages. The turmeric latte is McDonald’s take on ’haldi doodh’—which is a home remedy against the common cold, cough, or if one suffers an injury. While Masala tea is not only made at home but is also sold at road-side tea stalls and cafes.

Aftermath of COVID pandemic, people are actively scouting for immunity improving recipes and products. As a result, food and beverages with natural ingredients are in high demand, and demand for immunity boosters has also increased.

McDonald’s India (West and South)’s director of marketing and communications Arvind RP in the statement said that menu Innovation is a continuous journey for the food chain and they are excited to introduce these new offerings on the McCafé menu which are crafted to please the Indian palate. “As a brand that has always stayed ahead of customer expectations, these additions give customers relevant choices,” he added.

Currently, McCafé sells over 20 non-aerated dairy and fruit-based beverages along with hot and cold coffee.

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