Milind Soman CallsTraditional Food “Healthiest In The World,” As He Enjoys This Gujarati Thali

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Milind Soman has always inspired people to follow healthy eating practices. The actor loves to bring variety to the table. And, as per his latest Instagram post, Milind is a big fan of “traditional Indian food from anywhere in the country”. The actor has also mentioned that such traditional food is “healthiest in the world.”  The fitness enthusiast has shared a throwback picture with his wife Ankita Konwar from their Gujarat trip. In the picture, the two are holding delicious traditional thalis from the region of Saurashtra in the state. The platters look yummilicious. In his caption, Milind wrote, “I have never had a diet, never had restrictions when it comes to food. I minimise over refined, processed and packaged products. Healthy body and a healthy mind make all natural, simple, home-cooked food, healthy food.”

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Apart from this traditional thali from Saurashtra, Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar tried many other yummy food items while vacationing in Gujarat. They made sure to keep fans updated with their gastronomic adventures. Milind gave us a sneak peek into his Gujarati meal on Instagram Stories. He was relishing some white steamed rice and scrumptious dal poured over it. There was a plain vegetable mix and rotis kept on the side on his platter. How can vacation to Gujarat be complete without the popular ‘jalebi’ and ‘ganthia’? Evidently, the couple didn’t miss out on trying these. Ankita shared pictures of jalebis and a plate full of ganthia.  

Milind Soman swears by home-cooked Indian food and his Instagram Stories are proof. Once, the actor shared a picture of his wholesome meal cooked by Ankita Konwar. From the photograph, we knew he was eating rice, sambar, bhindi, salad, and leafy greens. This was quite relatable, right? 

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