National Milk Day 2021 Marks The 100th Birth Anniversary Of The Milkman Of India

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Every year, on the 26th of November, the country celebrates National Milk day, which is a day to celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr. Verghese Kurien. Dr Kurien, who is also known as the “Milkman of India”, came up with the White Revolution in India. With a visionary community-based business model, his organization saw pathbreaking success. And, it’s been an upward trajectory for the brand ever since. Amul marked the 100th birth anniversary today with a signature cartoon illustration. Featuring the Amul girl, Dr Kurien and a glass of milk, the cartoon read, “100/100 always.” It added, “Celebrating Dr Kurien’s 100th birth anniversary.”

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The caption read, “Amul Topical: Celebrating the 100th birth anniversary of the Milkman of India!” Hashtags included, “100 Years of Dr Kurien”, “Desh ka Doodhwala”, “National Milk Day” and “Milkman of India”.

A few days back, Amul had dropped a post about the setting up of the company back in 1955. The update highlighted how Dr Kurien hatched the idea of this company after joining as the General Manager of Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producers Union Ltd.

Earlier this month, Amul shared an update regarding Dr Kurien’s birth centenary. It featured footage from old ads about the brand. The caption read, “Celebrating the birth centenary of Dr Verghese Kurien, who empowered India’s dairy farmers, consumers and the nation at large, making India the largest producer of milk in the world.”

In another social media update, Amul wrote about Dr Kurien’s journey from being a mechanical engineer to a dairy technologist. The Padma Vibhushan winner had also received a British scholarship to study Dairy Engineering at Michigan State University, USA.

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Apart from the celebratory posts, Amul’s witty illustrations have always borne a message for society. Air pollution is turning into a grave concern in many parts of the country. Recently, Amul addressed this alarming problem through a cartoon. There, the Amul girl is seen wearing a mask and walking through dense smog. The post read, “Atmosfear”. The caption explained, “Amul Topical: The bad air quality in big cities.”

Amul’s business model has been as inspiring as its witty and meaningful cartoons.

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