Nutritional Deficiency Signs One Shouldn’t Ignore

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Every other privilege in human life holds no importance if your health is comprised. The key to a healthy lifestyle lies in the food we intake. Our body requires certain nutrients to perform its routine functions, however, in the current fast-paced lifestyle and botched up schedule, it becomes very difficult to take care of the food we intake. Lack of nutrients can lead to ailments that may have a severe impact on our bodies. Every year, the first week in the month of September is celebrated as the National Nutrition Week in India to raise awareness about the problems of nutrition, nutritional needs and malnutrition.

The human body has its own way of alerting us about the danger of a possibly bigger problem. In case of nutrition deficiency too, our body gives signals to mend our ways. Here, we list some of the most common symptoms of nutrition deficiency that you should not ignore.

Hair Loss

Hair loss could also be an indicator of iron deficiency in your body. While losing around 100 hair a day is normal, anything above that could be indicating a possibly bigger problem. Weakness and dizziness are also indicators of iron deficiency in the body. So, if you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s time to increase iron intake in your food and consult a doctor regarding it.

Unexpected Weight loss

Sudden unintentional weight loss is one of the most obvious indicators of nutrient deficiency in the body. The body depends on macro and micronutrients for its regular functioning, however, in case of their deficiency, the body relies on its stored catabolism for emergency fuel.

Night Blindless

If you face difficulty in your vision during the night or any signs of it, then it could be your body’s way of indicating vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A in the body is linked to eye health and other symptoms of its deficiency include dry eyes, and throat and chest infection.

Bone Pain

Your bone health largely depends on Vitamin D and calcium presence in the body. If you have been witnessing bone aches, especially in the leg, this could be a sign of deficiency of either of these two nutrients in the body. Bone pain is also linked to iron deficiency, anemia. So, if you have been facing this issue lately, it’s time to consult a doctor and improve require nutrient intake in the body.

Slow Healing wounds

Our body is equipped to deal with smart wounds and scars on its own, however, in case you notice that the body is taking extra time in healing than it usually does, then this may be pointing towards vitamin C deficiency. This nutrient not only boosts the immunity but also helps the body deal with inflammation and speed up the wound healing process.

Irregular Heartbeat

While irregular heartbeats are generally linked to heart problems, the underlying cause behind this may be calcium deficiency in the body. The symptom could also be indicatory of low intake of omega-3 fatty acid and essential vitamins. In this case, you should consult a doctor and follow their advice is overcoming the symptoms.

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