Ramadan Special: How To Make Purani Dilli’s Famous ‘Mohabbat Ka Sherbet’ – Watch Recipe Video

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If you are from Delhi, then you must have taken a tour through the lanes of old Delhi during Ramadan. For us, it is a ritual to visit the kebab gali near Jama Masjid to enjoy a delicious iftar spread. We just love taking a food walk on a weekend and indulge in Quereshi’s kebabs, Aslam’s chicken roast, Karim’s Haleem etc. And a drink we take as an accompaniment is ‘Mohabbat Ka Sherbet’ from Nawab Quereshi’s thela. No amount of sodas, colas or mojitos can compete with this Rs. 20/per glass drink. Situated opposite Jama Masjid, ‘Mohabbat Ka Sherbet’ thela is a landmark in old Delhi today. This drink is also referred to as ‘Pyaar Mohabbat Mazza’ or ‘Pyaar Ishq Mohabbat Sharbat’.

If you haven’t had it till now, then we must tell you the flavour of this drink is as fascinating as the name. Made with rose-flavoured milk, ice cubes and watermelon, this drink also works as an ultimate thirst-quencher during the summers. But, in this adverse situation, visiting kebab gali for a lavish iftaar treat is a distant dream for all. We also understand that you are missing the drink dearly. What if we tell, you can now have this soothing drink in the comfort of your home, without stepping out for even a second? Yes, you heard us.

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Here’s a quick recipe that will help you prepare ‘Mohabbat Ka Sherbet’ at home to pair with your iftaar spread. Take a look.

How To Make Mohabbat Ka Sherbet | Mohabbat Ka Sherbet Recipe:

Step 1. Chop 1 cup watermelon into small pieces. Keep aside

Step 2. Take 1 cup milk and half cup ice cubes in a bowl.

Step 3. Add 2tbsp rose syrup in it and mix well.

Step 4. Now, add chopped watermelon cubes in it and stir.

Step 5. Pour it in a glass and top with some more watermelon cubes. Serve chilled

The soothing effect of the rose-flavoured milk and the crunch of sweet watermelon will add a burst of flavours to your palate. You must give it a try!

Watch the complete recipe video of Mohabbat Ka Sherbet in the header.

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