Sev Usal Recipe: This Lip-Smacking Street Food From Gujarat Screams Indulgence

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Gujarati cuisine is one of India’s oldest culinary delights. It serves a wide range of vegetarian dishes – each with its own cooking style and distinct flavours. We believe, you have tried dhokla, khandvi, khakra, farsan etc by now. While these Gujarati delicacies make a popular choice for all, there are many more options that are yet to be explored. One such instance is sev usal. A popular street food from Gujarat, it includes different types of chutneys, spices, peas and potatoes. This dish is flavourful and leaves a strong impression on your palate.

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Sev is a common ingredient widely used in Gujarati dishes. And this particular dish is all about that crunchy texture of namkeen with a fulfilling curry! Here, you have to first make the ragda, and then assemble with the rest of the ingredients. This dish is best enjoyed with pao. So without further delay, let us see the recipe of the lip-smacking sev usal!


Here’s Recipe Of Sev Usal | Sev Usal Recipe:

To make the ragda, first boil peas. Then in a pan, add mustard seeds, hing, onion, ginger-garlic and cook it. Now, add chopped tomatoes with red chilli powder, garam masala, turmeric powder, coriander powder and salt to taste. Next, mix some water and add boiled peas with boiled potato. Let it cook on low flame for a while.

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To prepare the tari, add oil, crushed garlic, red chilli powder, and mix in a pan. Now add some water and mix again.

In a bowl, add the ragda, add some tari and garnish it with onions and sev. And your sev usal is ready to be relished!

For the full recipe of sev usal, click here.

Make this delicious snack, and let us know how you liked it!

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