Shakti Mohan And Ice Cream – An Eternal Dilemma

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Shakti Mohan is making us scream for ice cream. The dancer seems to have gone out for a cheat day and is sharing envy-inducing pictures from her outing on Instagram Stories. On Wednesday, Shakti shared a video of lip-smacking ice cream with a strawberry on top. But it looks like Shakti is stuck in the classic dilemma of having the ice cream or skipping it. The Instagram story which perfectly captures her state of mind shows the text: “Want it, want it, want it.” But it is soon added with this text below: “Can’t have it, can’t have it, can’t have it.” Looks like Shakti is trying to repeat these words and stop herself from having a bite of the drool-worthy ice cream. Well, we feel you, Shakti.


Shakti is drooling over this delicious ice cream

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Now that Shakti has got us hooked to the dessert, we couldn’t stop ourselves from curating a list of healthy homemade ice cream recipes that won’t put you in a place to choose between health and taste. Read along:

1.    Chocolate ice cream 

Imagine the taste of chocolate without having to think of the high-calorie of packaged ice creams? Blend cocoa powder, custard powder, milk, and sugar and freeze it. Relish. 


Try making this easy chocolate ice cream at home

2.    Vanilla ice cream 

This takes only 20 minutes to be made, so in case you’re craving it too much, all you need is vanilla essence, milk, sugar, milk powder, and some almonds to sprinkle on top. 

3.    Paleo mango ice cream 

This is our summer favorite dessert. Blend a frozen banana, chopped mango, and almonds, and there you have it. 

4.    Tutti fruity ice cream 

Imagine a different fruit at every bite of your ice cream – well, that’s a reality now. And what’s better? Everything can be made from scratch at home. Here’s how you can make the tutti fruity ice cream for your girl’s night in. 


Try making this simple fruity ice cream

5.    Masala chai ice cream 

Ever wondered how both of these can be merged? We don’t know if you should sip your ice cream or take a bite of your chai, but this masala chai ice cream recipe is for all the fans out there. 

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With these recipes, have your own dessert night at home. Thank us later.

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