Shrimp, mushrooms and zucchini with corn salad recipe

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Place the directly over your stove’s gas flame at its highest setting. Use a pair of tongs to carefully turn them until blackened and charred on all sides, 5 minutes per side. (Alternatively, blister the peppers on a foil-lined baking sheet under a broiler.) Remove from the fire and immediately place the peppers in a large bowl, cover with a large plate to allow steam to soften the peppers, about 15 minutes. This will make peeling the burnt outer skin much easier.

When the peppers are cool enough to handle, remove most of the skin by rubbing it off with your fingers. Tear them open and remove stems and scrape most of the seeds and strings with your hands. Rinse the peppers under a stream of water to remove any remaining seeds. Shake off any excess water and slice the peppers into large strips (you don’t have to be precise as they will go into the blender). Transfer the peppers to an airtight container and refrigerate up to 5 days, or until ready to use.

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