Summer Diet Tips: 5 Dahi-Based Drinks To Prevent Bloating And Aid Digestion

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Do you suffer from unwanted bloating during the summers? Wonder, why? Even after having lightest of the foods, we often face various digestion-related problems during this season. This majorly happens when excessive heat in the body leads to the production of high amount of acid. Hence, health experts always advise inclusion of cooling foods and drinks to keep a check on body heat and beat the summers. One such food ingredient is yogurt (or dahi). One of the most effective superfoods of the season, dahi helps you cool down, keep hydrated and boost energy at the same time. Thanks to the probiotic content, it helps promote healthy bacteria in our gut, further aiding digestion and metabolism. And by now, we all know that a healthy gut helps boost immunity and overall nourishment.

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Yogurt is loaded with several essential nutrients
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Considering this, we bring you some popular dahi-based summer drinks that can be a perfect addition to your daily summer diet. Read on.

1. Lassi-

A tall glass of creamy lassi defines indulgence. Prepared sweet or salty, lassi follows a super easy recipe and needs just a few basic ingredients for preparation. Click here for recipe. And if you are someone who likes flavoured lassi, we have some delicious options for you too. Click here.

2. Chaas-

We just love how soul soothing chaas is. Native to India, this drink strikes chord with every heart with its rustic taste and earthy flavour. Hence, we found five cool and comforting chaas recipes to add some goodness to your summer diet. Click here to know more. 

3. Neer Mor-

Neer mor is basically a watery buttermilk from Tamil Nadu, where curd is churned with spices. However, this drink sees variations in different region. While Maharashtrians refer to it as ‘taak’, in Andhra, it is known as ‘majjiga’ and in Karnataka as ‘neer majige’. Click here for recipe.

4. Ghol-

A much popular drink among the Bengalis, ghol is also a kind of butter milk that is made flavourful with inclusion of ‘gondhoraj lebu’ in the recipe. The drink also sees a perfect balance of sweet and sour-y flavours. Click here for recipe.

5. Doogh-

During our search for dahi-based drinks, we came across a kind of chaas that is popular in Afghani cuisine. Also referred to as ayran, dhalle and tan across Western, Central and South Asia, and Southeastern and Eastern European countries, it is a yogurt-based drink made with water, salt and herbs and spices of your choice. Some recipes see inclusion of cucumber to add some extra crunch in the drink. It also adds club soda or sparkling water instead of water to make the drink carbonated or fizzy. Click here for recipe.

Try these dahi-based drinks and let us know which one you liked the most. Happy and healthy summers!

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