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World Toilet Day 2021: City and town folk cannot imagine a life without permanent toilets. 3.6 billion people living in the world today, however, don’t have access to a proper toilet. Compromised sanitation can wreak havoc across communities by contamination of our food and water and the spread of serious diseases that take lives. World Toilet Day is observed on November 19 every year, to bring awareness about the importance of toilets and sanitation in our lives.


World Toilet Day was an initiative of a certain Jack Sim from Singapore, who founded the World Toilet organisation NGO in the year 2001. It was his idea to use the day to raise awareness about the importance of sanitation and hygiene. This initiative was backed by the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA). In 2010, the UN recognised the Human Right to Water and Sanitation (HRWS) as a fundamental human right.

It was in the year 2013, on July 24 that the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in its 67th session passed a resolution by which it designated November 19 as World toilet Day.

It recognised the unsatisfactory progress made in providing basic sanitary service access to all and how the lack of which negatively impacted people’s health, their economic and social situation. 122 member states adopted the resolution.

The UNGA also highlighted the negative impacts of inadequate sanitation on water resources and our environment. The international organisation also urged all its member states to bring an end to open defecation, promote the importance of hygiene, treatment of sewage among others.


World Toilet Day aims to create and spread awareness about ideal sanitary practices that promote the health and hygiene and safety of women. The day is also used to discourage people from open defecation practises as it is a health hazard and makes women and girls vulnerable to attacks and assaults.


The theme for this year’s World Toilet Day is ‘valuing toilets.’ It seeks to stress the absolute necessity of toilets in our lives.

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