These lifestyle changes could be a game-changer for your weight loss journey

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The internet is flooded with hacks for losing weight but nothing really works if you don’t follow a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise. Apart from heavy workouts and a dedicated diet, your routine also plays a crucial role in losing weight. And making some lifestyle swaps can simply aid the process. Ayurveda expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar recently shared a post via her Instagram handle, suggesting a few such alternatives that can end up being “the real game-changer” for sustainable weight loss.

Let’s take a look at the suggested changes by Dr Bhavsar.

White sugar with jaggery

According to her, white sugar is just empty calories therefore it is wise to swap it with nutrient-rich jaggery.

Replace cold water with warm water

We have often heard from our elders that drinking warm water helps to keep the digestive fire ignited and optimum. Warm water also improves metabolism and is easy to digest as compared to cold water.

From no movement to at least 5000 steps

Staying active is probably the best way to keep your body active. The expert suggests that individuals should walk 5,000-10,000 steps on a daily basis.

Fruits juices with raw fruits

Fruit juices lack fibre as it’s only the fluid you consume. However, when you eat your fruits raw, you get all the nutrients essential for a healthy body.

From no lunch to never skipping lunch

Never skip lunch and it’s vital you have it between 10 to 2 pm because it is the best time to have a moderate or a heavy meal. Ideally, you should not skip any meal of the day.

Heavy Dinner with Light Dinner

After sunset, the expert opined that metabolism reduces, hence, the dinner should be light and taken before 8 pm.

Ignoring Sleep with Proper Sleep

When you sleep, your liver detoxifies. Therefore, not getting adequate sleep can only delay weight loss. Dr Bhavskar advised sleeping before 10 pm if people want fast results in weight loss.

Sedentary life with daily exercise

Exercise is crucial for sustainable weight loss. It is not compulsory that you have to hit the gym. Choose whatever works for you — walks, yoga, jog, cycling, gym, or swimming.

The ayurvedic expert said that these lifestyle swaps will make sure that you don’t regain weight over a period of time.

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