These ‘Special Thalis’ Will Tempt Food Enthusiasts, But You Can’t Finish Them Alone

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Everyone must have tasted a Special Thali outside the house in a restaurant or a Bhojanalaya. The taste of Special Thalis available at any place or area is different. These thalis not only have a wide variety of food items but also exhibit the speciality of that place. We know that in our country there is no shortage of people who love to eat and make others eat. Our food reflects our diversity just as our languages do.

Today we are going to talk about some Special Thalis available in different states of the country. The speciality of these thalis is that the quantity of items served is huge and it is very difficult for one person to finish them. If you, too, plan to go to any of these places, do try these Thalis.

Khalibali Thali, Delhi – The Khalibali Thali available in the capital of the country Delhi is discussed everywhere. This is considered one of the biggest Thalis of the country. The size of this Thali is 56 inch and four people eat it together. You can guess the size of this Thali by the fact that to bring it to the table two waiters are required. The average weight of the Thali is 4 kgs. You can have Khalibali Thali at Connaught Place in Delhi. Both veg and nonveg items are served in this Thali.

Dara Singh Thali, Mumbai – If a person likes non-veg, they should definitely try the Dara Sigh Thali available in Mumbai. This Thali found at Mini Punjab Restaurant has achieved the status of the biggest Non-Veg Thali in the world. Before serving this Thali Pani Puri is served as starters. Then various kinds of non-veg items are served in the Thali. Apart from this, the Thali has 3 types of Chapatis, 6 types of sweets, 2 types of rice, fish piece, Chicken piece and other items.

Kumbhkarn Thali, Junagarh – The Kumbhkaran Thali found at Junagarh, Gujarat is also famous all around. One has to go to Patel Restaurant to enjoy this Thali. The size of the Thali is so big that 4-5 people can eat together in it. Various kinds of food items are served in it and its traditional look is also attractive.

Rajasthani Dish, Jaipur – Talking about food and not discussing Rajasthan is not possible. Available in Jaipur, Rajasthan, the Rajasthani Thali has Dal Bati Churma along with Chapati. Along with this 4 types of Chatni and Rajasthani Farsan are given.

Gujarati Vishalla Thali – the Gujarati Thali available at the Vishalla Restaurant of Ahmedabad, Gujarat has also become very popular. Vishalla is a Theme Restaurant that has been designed traditionally. It feels like a village while eating in this place because the restaurant has been designed to make the customer feel that. The cost of this Thali has been kept at Rs 1,000 .

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