This Cute Video Of Huskies Eating Bread Is A Real Stressbuster – Watch It Now

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We just love watching adorable dog videos

The ongoing crisis due to the surge in Covid cases has taken a toll on our mental health. Every now and then, we get to hear something negative that distresses us all. The only way out in such a situation is to distract our mind in every possible way. Social media can be a great platform for the same. It is loaded with various entertaining contents that can keep us glued for hours. From videos featuring cute babies and their antics to funny memes – you get it all on social media. Another such content that has a huge following is videos featuring cute animals, especially dogs. While scrolling your social media handle, you will come across various viral dog videos that will make you smile in no time.

We came across a video that featured a bunch of huskies slurping when their ‘human’ gave them bread to eat. The video saw six huskies coming one by one taking their piece of bread, and at the end, a small piece of bread was given to a cute puppy. This video was uploaded on an Instagram page named Husky Match that has 307k followers and more than 1300 videos of huskies and their cute antics.

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This particular video garnered 380k likes and hundreds of comments since the time of upload. “I thought it was just my husky that loves bread,” wrote one. Another comment read, “Hungry puppies.”

We further scrolled the page and came across such similar videos that won our hearts. Take a look:

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