Top 50 Baby Boy Names and Their Meaning You’ll Fall in Love With

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Welcoming a baby into your family is a surreal experience. Witnessing your baby grow eventually is a journey to cherish. It’s a bag of memories that every parent holds close to their heart. After you have a baby life changes and suddenly your heart is filled with unconditional love as you set out to take care of the little being in your own unique way. Once a couple knows that they are having a baby, the entire family starts to brainstorm the possible names they will address the baby with. To make your task easy, here are 50 baby boy names, and their meanings, that you can choose from.

Aaditya: The name refers to Lord Surya and means newly-risen sun.

Aahan: It means the first ray of sunlight.

Aakav: This name means shape.

Aarav: The beautiful name stands for serenity and means peaceful.

Amey: One who is free from deceit, i.e., Lord Ganesha.

Darpan: A term for mirror.

Devesh: He who is the lord of the lords, another name for Lord Vishnu.

Divit: He who is immortal.

Ekansh: This name means whole.

Ekav: The name is a nod to being equal.

Chitvan: This one means a look or glance.

Girik: Another name to address Lord Shiva.

Hiresh: The king of gems, indeed a beautiful name.

Joshit: It means pleased and delighted.

Ivaan: A glorious gift from God.

Ishaan: This one is one of the names for Lord Shiva.

Hredhaan: The one with a generous heart.

Jairaj: The term means a victorious ruler.

Kairav: A white lotus, one born from water.

Kanan: This one means a beautiful forest.

Kanav: A term used for a wise sage.

Kiyaansh: The one blessed with noble qualities.

Mahir: An expert

Manbir: The one who has a brave heart.

Lavish: The name refers to the God of love.

Nishit: This name means midnight.

Nihal: This name stands for being joyous and successful.

Oviyan: A skilled artist.

Onkar: The purest one.

Naksh: The moon

Nivan: Someone who is pious.

Pranit: A brave leader.

Reyansh: A ray of light.

Rijul: Innocent and honest

Rohan: A highly spiritual name, it means ascending.

Ronit: Embellishment, the one who makes everything look beautiful.

Samaksh: Someone whose presence is soothing.

Sarvin: The best archer, victorious.

Sriansh: He who is born of a part of Lord Vishnu.

Samay: The Hindi term for time.

Tahaan: Someone who is merciful.

Taarush: This one means conqueror.

Tejas: The one who is brilliant.

Umang: Enthusiasm and joy.

Veer: The brave one.

Viraj: The name means resplendent.

Yash: It means glory.

Utkarsh: This name means awakening and prosperity.

Yug: The Hindi term for era.

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