What is an Eclipse? When is the Next Solar and Lunar Eclipse in India? Check Dates, Timings and Other Details

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What is an eclipse? The textbook definition states that an eclipse takes place when one heavenly body like a moon or planet moves into the shadow of another heavenly body. On Earth, we experience two kinds of eclipses — the solar and lunar.

When three celestial bodies, that is the sun, moon, and Earth are aligned in a straight line, an eclipse takes place. The positioning of the celestial bodies decides whether it will be a lunar or a solar eclipse. A lunar eclipse happens when Earth gets in the middle of the sun’s light hitting the moon, while a solar eclipse takes place when the moon gets in the way of the sun’s light reaching the Earth.

Dates of upcoming eclipses in 2021?

Lunar Eclipses 2021: November 18-19 (Partial Lunar Eclipse)

It will be a Partial Lunar Eclipse, that will most likely begin at 11:32 am and will end at 6:33 pm. Penumbral Eclipse would be visible in parts of Europe, Asia, North Africa, West Africa, Australia, North and South America, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and the Arctic.

Solar Eclipses 2021: December 4 (Total Solar Eclipse)

The Total Solar Eclipse will start at one location and will end at another. The eclipse will begin at 10:59 am and will conclude by 03:07 pm. The total solar eclipse, which is also the last eclipse of 2021, will be visible in the South in Australia, South in America, South Africa, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Antarctica.

Previous eclipses in 2021?

Lunar Eclipses 2021: May 26 (Total Lunar Eclipse)

The last lunar eclipse was the “Super Flower Blood Moon” that took place on May 26, 2021.

The first Lunar Eclipse of 2021 was a Total Lunar Eclipse, which commenced at 2:17 pm in India and ended at 7:19 pm. It was seen in South Asia, East Asia, Australia, much of North America, South America, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica.

Solar Eclipse 2021: June 10 (Annular Solar Eclipse)

A statue of Our Lady, Star Of The Sea on Bull Wall in Dublin, is silhouetted against the sky during a partial solar eclipse, on June 10, 2021. (Brian Lawless/PA via AP)

An Annular Solar Eclipse took place on June 10. It started at 1:42 pm and ended at 6:41 pm. It was witnessed from most parts of Europe, North Africa, West Africa, much of North America, much of Asia, Atlantic, and Arctic.

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