What is Hormonal Imbalance and How you can Treat it With Natural Ingredients

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There are be some subtle hints that our body sends us which may signal a deeper problem. For example, if you have tried multiple skincare products to treat your acne and they still persist, or if you have been gaining weight without any sudden change in your diet, chances are you have a hormonal imbalance.

Before we understand what is hormonal imbalance, it is imperative to know the function of hormones in our bodies. Hormones are the chemicals produced by glands in the endocrine system which are released into the bloodstream and tell our tissues and blood what to do. An imbalance of these hormones occurs when there is too much or too little of a hormone produced. When the balance is disturbed, our bodies show various signs. These signs of hormonal imbalance can come in the form of mood swings, weight gain or loss, depression, anxiety, constipation, thinning of hair, brittle hair, excessive urination, and much more.

According to Healthline, in women, signs of hormonal imbalance can be spotted if they have irregular menstruation, hirsutism or excessive hair on the face, chin, or other parts of the body, acne on chin, back and chest, vaginal dryness, and more.

If you have been going through any of these symptoms, you must consult medical advice. There are several ways in which hormonal imbalance can be treated with natural remedies. According to Cecilia Snyder, a registered dietician, herbs have been used to balance hormone levels, although rigorous research on the topic is limited. According to Snyder, evidence suggests that certain herbs could influence hormone levels in your body, as well as other related functions of the endocrine system. However, one must consult a doctor before taking up a herb-based medicine to treat hormonal imbalance.

Snyder suggests herbs like Nigella sativa, also known as kalonji or fennel flower; Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng; Black cohosh; Chasteberry; and Marjoram to treat hormonal imbalance. Study has shown that fennel flowers produce antioxidant-rich seeds which have medicinal properties containing thymoquinone. This plant compound has thymoquinone that could act like estrogen in women’s bodies and possibly offer symptom relief during menopause.

A 2019 study on Ashwagandha showed 60 adults who took 125–300 mg of the root extract twice every day for eight weeks experienced less stress, better sleep, and lower blood cortisol levels compared with a placebo group. However, more research is required to confirm if the herb can have an effective result in countering hormonal imbalance.

Snyder mentioned in Healthline that herbs like Chasteberry might work as inducing hormone balance as it targets the hormone prolactin. Meanwhile, Marjoram has been found to influence cortisol, estradiol, and insulin in human bodies.

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