What is Love? Here Are Its Types and The Kind You Might Want

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Love brings people together, and when two people care enough for each other, this feeling fosters. Love involves emotional, physical and spiritual bonds, and one should be clear about the kind of love they are looking for. People whose relationship is built on trust, understanding and care have the best chance of experiencing the love that is holistic in nature. However, different people have different perspectives about love and the kind of love they want or want to give.

One can navigate through this by distinguishing between the different types of love. Following are the four types of love that you may experience in life.

Emotional Love

This is one of the strongest versions of love because the person feels fulfilled from within when they experience emotional love. It brings you joy, tears, comfort and induces all sorts of feelings. In emotional love, you want your partner to not just have physical intimacy but also understand your mind and soul.

Physical Love

This love relates to the physical attraction you share with your partner. In physical love, the touch of your significant other fills you with affection and warmth. When combined with a sense of security, physical love can give you great pleasure and the much needed erotic touch.

Platonic Love

Platonic love is a feeling where you don’t have any sexual or romantic feelings, but your closeness is an outcome of attraction for your partner’s wisdom. Platonic love is named after Greek philosopher Plato, but he never used the term himself.

Self Love

This is the kind of love that doesn’t require another person’s presence to feel it. As long as it’s healthy, self-love can actually help you in your growth as it pertains to your well-being. In self-love, you should take care of yourself just as a parent cares for their children.

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