What is The Story of Rahu-Ketu?

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In astrology, a solar eclipse is considered an important astronomical phenomenon. The solar eclipse is seen as an inauspicious event in astrology, the reason the believers don’t offer any prayers during this time. The sun suffers and becomes less auspicious during the time. Sutak Kaal will not be applicable in the Solar Eclipse that will happen on December 4.

This eclipse will be “Upchaaya Grahan”, and as per astrology, Sutak Kaal is only applicable in “Purna Grahan”. The Sutak rules are not followed if the eclipse is “Aanshik” or “Upchaaya”.

Let’s have a look history behind the solar eclipse. As per Hindu Panchang, December 4 is Amavasya Teethi of Krishna Paksha of Margshirsha month. It will start at 10:59 in the morning and will go on until 03:07 in the afternoon. As per the historical story of ‘Samudra Manthan’, when demons took control over all the three worlds, the Devas asked Lord Vishnu for help.

Lord Vishnu asked the Devas to do ‘Manthan’ of ‘Sheer Sagar’ and asked them to drink the ‘Amrit’ that will come out of it. Lord Vishnu also gave a warning to not let the demon drink the Amrit or else they will become undefeatable. The Devas did as Lord Vishnu suggested. A fight between devas and demons for Amrit broke out. And then Lord Vishnu disguised himself as Mohini and made Devas sit on one side while demons on the other. He said that everyone will get Amrit one by one.

One demon disguised himself and sat among the Devas. However, the moon and sun recognised him and informed Lord Vishnu about it. But by then, the Lord had already handed him Amrit.

Amrit had reached his throat when Lord Vishnu separated his head from his body with his Sudarshan Chakra. Since the demon had already drunk Amrit, his head became immortal as Rahu and body as Ketu. Since the sun and moon took the secret out, Rahu and Ketu became their enemies. They hate the sun and moon and hence the eclipse happens.

Disclaimer – The information given in this article is based on general information. News 18 does not confirm them. Consult the related experts before applying them.

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