World Philosophy Day 2021: Theme, History and Significance

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World Philosophy Day aims at promoting the international culture of a healthy, philosophical debate that respects people’s dignity and diversity. Every year, the third Thursday of November is celebrated as World Philosophy Day. This year it’s being observed today on November 18.


It was on November 21, 2002, World Philosophy Day was observed for the very first time by UNESCO to bring to limelight the enduring value of philosophy. Following which in 2005, the UNESCO General Conference declared the annual celebration of this event.


The theme for World Philosophy Day 2021 is intended to be based on “different interactions of human beings with their social, cultural, geographical and political environment, with the underlying objective of better understanding the contribution of philosophy in our contemporary societies and the challenges they face” in the wake of the pandemic.


The objective is to boost people’s commitment to philosophy, raise awareness about the importance of philosophical analysis, research, and studies on major contemporary issues. The initiative intends to inspire people to explore, share new ideas, and invite philosophical reflections, discussions on the problems of the society.

Right from academic exchanges to the role of philosophy in catering to global challenges, this international day encourages all of it.

Ensuring that the philosophical values and principles are increasingly applied to churn out solutions that will contribute to world peace, forms the focus of this global event.

The significance of the celebration of World Philosophy Day lies in the fact that the discipline of philosophy fosters intercultural dialogue, teaches tolerance and respect amid the society.

Practicing the exercise of thinking coupled with the reasoned confrontation of opinions, philosophy creates a healthy environment that has the potential to bring about crucial changes in the society.

It facilitates the interaction between various cultures and lets people get acquainted with the myriad intellectual current that is prevalent all over the world. Facilitating positive transformation in society, lies at the core of World Philosophy Day.

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