Zomatos Post On Adrak Wali Chai Is Every Chai-Lover Ever; Twitter Reacts

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Food tech giant Zomato has never failed to amaze us with their out-of-the-box marketing strategies. If you follow Zomato across social media platforms, you will find the brand marking its presence time and again with quirky posts and unique initiatives. While some of the posts tug at heartstrings, others leave us simply entertained. We recently came across one such post on Zomato’s official Twitter handle that left us in splits. And we are sure, every chai lover can relate to it too.

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We all know how specific a chai lover can be about their cup of tea! Some of them even like to measure how much elaichi and adrak is added while brewing the tea. Taking cue from such a situation, Zomato recently shared a tweet that read, “Don’t ever let someone tell you how much adrak to put in your chai. You measure that with your heart.”

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Quite relatable, right? We don’t know about you, but we could completely relate to it. We love adding a good amount of ginger to our kadak chai, especially during this monsoon season. Strong adrak wali chai, with some pakora by the side, defines monsoon for many of us.

It seems several chai-lovers on Twitter could relate to it too! Some of them took to the comments section to share their thoughts on ‘how much adrak to put in chai’. And we must say, few of the comments were hilarious indeed.

A person wrote, “I tried this dialogue to my mom when she told me how much adrak to put. Now I’m at bed rest. Don’t try this at home.” Another comment read, “Adrak is headache killer!!” A third user wrote, “It also gives a good taste.”

A comment read, “Adrak has separate fan base.” Another quirky comment read, “The amount of adrak is directly proportional to the level of headache.”

What is your thought on adrak wali chai? Let us know in the comments below.

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